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Simultaneous Interpretation

This requires special equipment such as soundproof booths, state-of-the-art interpreter’s console, high-quality microphones and headphones.

Interpreters – Translation Booths

Our interpreters are seated in sound reduction booths and communicate messages with precise semantic meaning and cultural impact.

Bosch Microphones

Our conference microphone has protection against electromagnetic interference with optimal sound quality to enable clear communication.

Glitchless Conferences

Our Bosch equipment works flawlessly in large spaces with clear sounds. They transmit signals throughout the largest conference halls.

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Covered By Sans-Fronteries Ltd : July 26-28

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We cater for small, medium and world-class multilingual conferences. We satisfy the demands of today’s multilingual conferences, from informal bilingual group discussions up to full-scale international congresses

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Bringing the benefits of innovative digital technology to discussion and conference systems.

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To provide you with a competitive advantage, we make use of advanced and innovative solutions and services to ensure we meet and exceed your business objectives.
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Our rental services is of unique integration with world-class conference simultaneous interpretation equipment, and other conference technology (projectors, etc.), as well as interpretation and translation services
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Portable Listening Devices 

When sound travels acoustically, there is a loss of volume over distance and reduction in quality from background noise or distortion. Our portable digital receivers and transmitters are ideal for assistive listening.
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